I frequently serve as a resource for the media, having been interviewed for print, radio, and television, and having been a guest on many podcasts.

I understand the need to speak to the point of the story, and I know the time constraints under which most media representatives operate, so I can be relied upon to get back to you quickly.

Past Media Work: Selected Examples

- Podcasts

The Experible Podcast: How to be Miserable
The Bardcast - It's Shakespeare You Dick!: Psychology in Shakespeare's plays
Queer Money Podcast: Why We're So Bad at Predicting Happiness
Psychologists Off The Clock: Assertive Communication Skills with Randy Paterson
Say It Skillfully with Molly Tschang, Voice of America Podcasts: Create - Not Discover - Your Passions
HexDevs Podcast: Unhappy as a Developer? How Not to be Miserable with Dr Randy Paterson
Finding Genius Podcast: From Adolescence to Adulthood: A Difficult Transition for Many
Crux Investor: In-house corporate podcast on assertive communication
Evidence-Based (New Harbinger Podcasts): How to be Miserable with Randy Paterson
The Author's Corner podcast: The Humorous Wins and Falls in One Author's Book Journey With Randy Paterson PhD
The HealthLab Podcast: Dr Randy Paterson
Assertiveness for the Developer: The HEXDEV podcast
Mindcog Podcast: The Art of Assertiveness
MindBrew Podcast: How to be Miserable in Your Twenties
Minds & Mics with Nick Wignall: An Expert Guide to Assertive Communication with Dr Randy Paterson
Your Great Journey Podcast: How to Feel Happy - A Counterintuitive Approach.
As We Get Older Podcast with Bob Pessemier: How we Make Ourselves Miserable - and What to do About It
Coffee for the Brain with Aaron Maurer: Living on the Edge of Chaos.
The Positive Psychology Podcast: How to be Miserable
ManTalks podcast: How to be Miserable.
The Art of Manliness podcast 204: How to be Miserable.
BlogTalk Radio: Amy Alkon, The Advice Goddess. How and Why to be Assertive.
CounsellingBC.com: Audio interview on the treatment of depression.
eYada.com Internet talk radio: Assertive Communication.
ShrinkRap with Dr Jim Ricks: Coming Out.

- Print & Online

Brick Underground: Assertiveness Skills with Landlords
OprahDaily.com: How to Successfully Stand Up for Yourself
Chatelaine: Can CBT Make Healthy Habits Stick?
Shepherd.com: The Best Books for Building Adulthood in Your Twenties
Nike.Com: Find Your Flow - And Keep It Going
Brandpunt+ (Netherlands): Zo word je (on)gelukkig als twintiger: zoek je passie en voel je speciaal
NRC (Netherlands newspaper): How to be Miserable in Your Twenties
PBS Rewire: How to Start Advocating For Yourself
Experience Life Magazine: The Four Communication Styles
PsychWire: ASK About Failure to Launch - Why do some kids never leave home?
PsychCentral: 3 myths about boundaries that stop you from setting them
Contour Magazine: The Value of Paying Attention
Real Simple Magazine: "Bookazine - The Power of Less: Why We Can't Say No
Global News: On the concept of happiness.
Vancouver Sun: Is compassion over-sold?
Mobility Magazine: Books that Make Us Better - The Assertiveness Workbook
Best Health Magazine: Why We Should Rethink Our Idea of Happiness
New York Times: How to stand up for yourself.
Vice.com: Eric Spitznagel: You Won't Find Happiness Without Deep, Dark Sadness
Cosmopolitan Magazine: The value of accepting uncomfortable emotions.
Psychology Today Magazine: The positive aspects of solitude.
Oprah.com: Excerpt from How to be Miserable.
Toronto Star: Hot Summer Reads on the Good and the Bad of Ugly (Ideas)
Chicago Now: This is How to Make Your Monday Even More Miserable.
Shelf Awareness: How to be Miserable in the Book Biz.
New York Magazine, David Marchese: To get happier, focus on what makes you miserable.
The Globe and Mail, Gayle MacDonald: Psychologist Randy Paterson on how not to be miserable.
Success Magazine: Assertiveness in the workplace.
Vancouver Sun: Making the transition to independent adulthood.
Woman’s World Magazine: “Ultimate Experts” on how to be more assertive.
More Magazine: What, me worry? Article on anxiety and coping.
Coco Magazine: The nature and prevention of depression.
National Post: Interview for article on mental health policy.
Best Health Magazine: Interview for article on happiness, November issue.
PsychCentral: Backgrounder on assertive communication.
'Everyday Leadership with Dan Mulhern: Assertive communication in the workplace.
The Yellowknifer Newspaper: New anti-suicide program in NWT.
Strides (publication of Anxiety Disorders Association of BC): Depression, mood disorders, and anxiety.
Chatelaine Magazine: Eight Strategies to Beat Depression. (reprinted in Reader’s Digest).
Georgia Straight (Vancouver-based community newspaper): Educating the public about depression.
The Vancouver Sun: Psychologist offers techniques to help overcome depression.

- Broadcast

Global News Radio: New Year's Resolutions in a Pandemic Year
Ontario Today with Rita Celli: Is the concept of closure helpful?
KVON Napa Valley: How to be miserable.
Roundhouse Radio: Stress and the holidays
CBC Radio chain of shows - Early Edition, On The Island, Daybreak Kamloops, Daybreak South, Daybreak North: How to have a miserable Christmas
Rogers TV: St Mary's Hospital fundraiser: How to be Miserable
Maritime Noon with Normal Lee Macleod, CBC Radio: What makes you happy phone-in.
Ontario Today, CBC Radio: How to be miserable phone-in.
CFIS FM Radio Prince George: How to be miserable.
Relationships 2.0 with Michelle Skeen (KCAA California, syndicated)
CJOB Winnipeg: How to be miserable.
CJAD Montreal: How to be miserable.
Radio-Canada Front News Vancouver: Mood difficulties during the holidays.
Context with Lorna Dueck: Outside the Box: How to be miserable book interview.
CBC Morning Edition: How to be miserable.
CTV News British Columbia: Blue Monday.
On The Coast with CBC Radio Vancouver: On toxic optimism.
CBC Radio North: The treatment of depression.
CTV Atlantic: Cognitive behaviour therapy for depression.
CKNW 980 The Rafe Mair Show: Clinical depression.
WRNJ-Oldies 1510: Let’s Talk About it with Dr Frank Fowler.
CBC Radio British Columbia: Treatment of social phobia.
CFPL Television London Ontario News Hour: On suicide.


Here are a few areas that have been of interest:

  • How to be Miserable: Discussion of my new book, How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use.
  • Failure to Launch: The difficulties of young adults struggling to achieve adult independence.
  • The Assertiveness Workbook: Interviews about assertiveness with reference to my book.
  • Mental health system: Advocacy for evidence-based treatment, flaws in existing system, strategies for improvement of outpatient services.
  • Clinical depression: How to identify it, epidemiology, risk factors, treatment issues, effectiveness of medication versus psychotherapy, self-care strategies.
  • Anxiety disorders: Obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder. Nature, incidence, and treatment.
  • Stress management: How the stress response works, what it is designed for, how it gets activated inappropriately, the stress of modern life, stress management strategies.
  • Sexual orientation concerns: Nature and determinants of sexual orientation, ineffectiveness of reorientation therapy, stresses on lgbt people, gay marriage, coming out to heterosexual spouse.
  • Modern life: Stresses of, failure of modern society to reduce unhappiness, illness-promoting aspects of modern culture.

...and more.

Contact me by calling 604 871 0490, or email me at paterson@changeways.com to arrange a discussion, or for more information on the types of issues I can speak about.


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