It’s possible to learn about many psychological topics without booking a consultation. At Changeways Clinic and PsychologySalon we have been committed to the development of convenient and accessible resources - both for the public and for professionals. To go directly to our online training site, click here.

Programs for Healthcare Professionals

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Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Depression
An online version of the 2-day Core Program training course,
complete with extensive Clinician’s Guide and pdf masters of all materials for clients.

Diagnosing Depression
A class on diagnostic criteria and clinical presentation of the various mood disorders.

Psychology-Based Programs for Everyone

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UnDoing Depression
Our course on cognitive behavioral self-management strategies.

What Is Depression?
Information on the nature and symptoms of clinical depression.

What Causes Depression?
An extensive course on the various risk factors for clinical depression.

How to Buy Happiness
Managing personal finances to maximize life satisfaction.

Breathing Made Easy
Diaphragmatic breathing for stress management.

We also work with healthcare and professional organizations to provide our courses to groups of employees or clients. To discuss your needs or arrange your organization’s own discount, simply email us.


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