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June 5, 2024: FREE DISCUSSION - Do No Harm: The Dark Side of Mental Health

Time: 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern. One hour.
Date: Wednesday, June 5 2024
Format: Online via Zoom.

We have all known people who have benefitted immensely from mental health support, and most of us have also seen people who have suffered ill effects. Using the principle that we cannot change a problem unless we look closely at it, this discussion invites clinicians to consider the ways that mental health information and mental health services can inadvertently create more problems than they solve. From diagnostic fads to overprescription to backfiring antistigma campaigns to anti-resilience effects to self-diagnosis, we’ll ask why it is that we seem to be in a mental health crisis when we have more mental health resources than ever. Could our good intentions be part of the issue? Register for the ZOOM link by emailing me with DO NO HARM TALK in the subject line at paterson@changeways.com.

Past Programs (Selected)


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Do No Harm: The Dark Side of Mental Health


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How to be Miserable in Your Twenties: The Clinician's Guide
Recent Meta-Analyses of Antidepressant Effectiveness
Behavioural Activation and Goal-Setting in Psychotherapy


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