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Upcoming Webinar: Private Practice Made Simple

A new online course - 12 hours of instruction, 6 sessions, 1 session per week - on the mechanics of operating a private practice in psychology and related mental health professions. Designed specifically for a Canadian audience. Whether you are thinking of starting a private practice or are long-established in the area, this course is designed to provide you with the information you need to make your business a success. Click
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Upcoming Webinar: Failure to Launch

A new online course - 6 hours of instruction, 3 sessions, 1 session per week - for clinicians on how to assist young people having difficulty making the transition to full adult independence. We’ll look at risk factors for launchpad difficulties, then consider strategies to help the young person and their parents. Click
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Now Available:
How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use

here to see the Globe and Mail’s piece on the book, or here for New York Magazine’s take. Many thanks to the print, radio, and online media who have shown such interest. For media inquiries, email me (paterson at changeways dot com) directly or click here.

Here’s YouTube star CGP Grey’s take on it:

Also, click
here for a podcast from artofmanliness.com.

The book is available for purchase from bookstores,
amazon.ca, amazon.com, indigo, and Barnes and Noble. The book will be released in the United Kingdom in late June 2016.

Meanwhile, the online courses including UnDoing Depression and How to Buy Happiness are available on our new teaching platform, with discounted priced available from
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